Sattva Green Groves Nelamangala

Nelamangala is located at the connection of two major national highways, namely NH 48 and NH 75, which connect Bangalore to other key cities. The strategic location can lead to enlarged economic activity and great growth in the region. The area is on the outskirts and is developing fast at a rapid rate.

Sattva Green Groves Nelamangala is an area that offers a peaceful and less congested living area compared to the busy city of Bengaluru. It can be attractive to people who desire a relaxed lifestyle but within commuting distance of the city.

The project location is the best place to invest now as it has a lot of services and is likely to grow very fast in the future. The area enables easy access to IT hubs, schools, colleges, malls and other work areas. It is the best choice for all people who want to live in a calm area away from city life.

  • Affordable real estate market – The project location is an affordable real estate market when compared to other prime locations in the city. As it is on the outskirts of the city, the rates are reasonable, and soon it will give good ROI.
  • Good industrial growth – The project location is home to several industries, including the Dobbspet Industrial Area, which has many enterprises. The growth of these could create jobs, increasing the demand for residential spaces in the area.
  • Serene environment – The project location offers a peaceful area compared to the busy life of the city. It can be appealing to all the people who desire to invest in a calm area away from busy city life.

Nelamangala is the best place for investment as the prices will soar soon and it will give great benefits in the future. It attracts a lot of people to settle here as it has a calm area with all the needed conveniences nearby.


Sattva Green Groves Bangalore

Bangalore is a big city that is the best choice for real estate investment destination as there is a hub of IT companies in the city. The city has a stable real estate market where investing is a safe option. As the real estate market is in demand, many builders are constructing a lot of projects in the city.

Sattva Green Groves Bangalore is an upcoming project in the city that has plots of various sizes. As the project is in a calm area on the outskirts of the city, it is the best investment for people who wish to live in an area away from bustling city life. Investing here is the best option as prices are reasonable here now, and it will increase soon with all the upcoming developments.

  • Good Transport Network – The city has a lot of highways and flyovers to enable easy access to all areas of the city. There are many buses at frequent intervals to connect to all areas easily. There is a good metro network which enables easy access to all city areas. The city has a good air network for frequent travellers.
  • Job offers – The city has a lot of jobs for people as there are numerous IT hubs in the city. There are also many startups, non-IT jobs and many business opportunities.
  • Good social framework – The city has a lot of malls, schools, IT hubs, work areas, etc. All needed features are at a nearby distance in all areas of the city, and every area is developing fast.
  • Lots of housing choices – The city has a range of housing options ranging from budget Plotss to extravagant houses with all modern features. The city has everything in a wide, varying budget range and sizes.

Bangalore is a dream city with many IT hubs and many people wish to settle here because of the best climate. Sattva Green Groves in Bangalore is the best option for everyone who wishes to invest in the outskirts of Bangalore at a reasonable price range.


Sattva Green Groves RERA

RERA is the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, and it is an Act that seeks to protect buyers in the real estate market. The act has instructed builders to sell properties based on carpet area and not a super built-up area of the house. If the project has been delayed, buyers are allowed to get back the total money invested.

Before RERA, the method by which a builder considered the price of a project was not defined properly. But now, there is a typical formula that is used to compute the carpet area. So, builders cannot provide inflated carpet areas to raise the prices.

  • Standardization of carpet area
  • Reducing the risk of bankruptcy of the builder
  • Buyer’s rights in case of any false promises
  • Right to claim the full compensation
  • Right to full information
  • Advance payment options
  • Rights to the buyer in case of any flaws
  • Interest to be paid in the case of default

Sattva Green Groves RERA is expected to be completed soon, before May 2024, and the project will launch after that. The project will be completed on time as the builder always meets the correct deadlines. The project will obey all rules framed by RERA so it is a safe option to consider for investment.


Sattva Green Groves Plots

Plots are pieces of land that can be owned by one or more individuals or legal entities. These plots are created for separate housing, and they can house a single family of variable sizes. Plots in gated communities are a safe option to consider as it is a safe place to live in big cities.

Investing in a plot is a great option because we can design and build our homes in our way. It also will have a better resale value, and it is a better option for investment than apartments. A good return on investment can be attained by purchasing plots. Because of the rising population and fast urbanization, there is a greater demand for plots in Bangalore.

Sattva Green Groves Plots is one of the best options in Bangalore to invest in, as it provides a higher appreciation value. The newly plotted development will lift the face of Nelamangala and is considered the best investment.

  • Better Safety – The project is a safe place to live in the city as it has safety features that include a CCTV camera, restricted entry, 24*7 security, etc.
  • Modern amenities – The project offers 30+ modern amenities that every buyer desires and has a clubhouse that has leisure features in it.
  • Reasonable price – The project has a lot of plots in varying sizes and resolvable budgets. As the project is on the outskirts of the city, it is the best option for investment.
  • Better privacy – The project has better privacy, and people can enjoy better privacy with all the benefits of community living.
  • Green areas – The project has parks, trees, and gardens, with a lot of green areas and has a pollution-free environment away from the bustling life of the city.


The project is awaiting the RERA, and it is expected before May 2024.

Sattva Spring is on Nelamangala, near Tumkur Road in Bangalore.

The Starting price of plots ranges from Rs. 35 Lakhs onwards.

The launch date of this project is in May 2024, and possession will be before December 2025.

There are 700 plots in this project over an area of 42 acres.

Sattva Group

The Sattva Group is one of the known real estate developers who are built on the bedrock of trust and knowledge-leadership. All their projects are RERA-approved, and all their projects are free from legal risks. They prioritize customer satisfaction first, and they meet deadlines for all their projects. They never compromise on quality, and all their projects have an excellent return on investment.

Sattva Group Projects in Bangalore
  • Never give up on quality
  • Meet all Deadlines correctly
  • RERA-approved projects
  • Free from all legal risks
  • Introduce modern and latest designs

Sattva Group is the best builder who always focuses on quality, and many buyers prefer to invest with them as they put buyer satisfaction first.

Upcoming projects are those that are under construction and are available for booking. In 2024, Sattva Group launched many new projects, and they are the new upcoming projects in the city.

Some new upcoming projects in Bangalore by Sattva Group are:

Sattva Aeropolis

Sattva Aeropolis is in Devanahalli, Bangalore, over a big area of 10 Acres. A 1 BHK Flat is from 589. 0 sq ft to 656. 0 sq ft. A 2 BHK Flat is from 906. 0 sq ft to 944. 0 sq ft. A 3 BHK Flat is from 1012. 0 sq ft to 1013. 0 sq ft. The project has 1001 flats over 9 big towers. The price of units is from Rs. 35. 60 Lakhs to 79. 4 Lakhs.

Sattva La Vita

Sattva La Vita is in Hennur Gardens, Bangalore, over a big area of 3 acres. The prices range from Rs. 4. 80 Crores to 5.3 Crores. The project has 63 villas. A 4 BHK Villa is from 3246. 0 to 3259. 0 sq. ft.

Sattva Aqua Vista

Sattva Aqua Vista is in Bannerghatta Main Road, Bangalore over a bid area of 3 acres. A 3 BHK flat ranges from 1910.0 sq ft to 4219.0 sq ft. A 4 BHK flat is from 3954 .0 sq ft to 4219 .0 sq. ft. The prices range from Rs. 1.9 Crores to Rs. 4.80 Crores. The project has 181 flats over 3 big towers.

An ongoing project is where the construction process is going on, and an Occupancy Certificate has not been given yet. Several projects are created in Bangalore by the Sattva Group that are ongoing, and some of them are

Sattva Misty Charm

Sattva Misty Charm is in Kanakapura Road, in Bangalore, over 10 acresA 1 BHK Flat is from 554. 0 sq ft. A 2 BHK Flat is from 945. 0 sq. ft to 1028. 0 sq. ft. A 3 BHK Flat is from 1254. 0 sq. ft to 1475. 0 sq. ft. The prices range from Rs. 38. 0 Lakhs to 1. 2 Crores. The project has 797 flats over 11 big towers.

Sattva Signet

Sattva Signet is on Sarjapur Road in Bangalore, over a big area of 2 acres. The launch date is in Feb 2021, and the project is for possession from Aug 2024. There are 208 flats here over 2 towers.

Sattva Exotic

Sattva Exotic is in Bagalur, in Bangalore over 4 acres. A two BHK flat in this project is from 1235. 0 sq. ft to 1261. 0 sq. ft. The project has 345 flats over 3 big towers. The prices here are in the range of Rs. 89. 0 Lakhs to 89. 6 Lakhs.

A completed project is one where all the building works have been completed. The occupancy certificate is given, guaranteeing that buyers can take possession at any time. In Bangalore, there are a lot of projects completed by the Sattva Group, includes

Sattva Anugraha

Sattva Anugraha is in Vijayanagar, in Bangalore, over 12 acres. A 2 BHK Flat is from 1045.0 sq ft. A 3 BHK Flat is from 1186. 0 to 1705. 0 sq ft. The project launch was in July 2017, and the possession date is in March 2022. The units are in the price range of Rs. 80. 0 Lakhs to 1.40 Crores. There are 764 flats in this project over 22 high towers.

Sattva Park Cubix

Sattva Park Cubix is in Devanahalli in Bangalore, over 18 acres. A 1BHK Flat is from 658. 0 sq ft. A 2BHK Flat here is from 997. 0 sq ft to 1009.0 sq ft. A 3 BHK Flat here is from 1273. 0 sq ft to 1498. 0 sq ft. The units are in the range of Rs. 39. 0 to 97. 0 Lakhs. The project has 1620 flats over 7 towers.

Sattva Aspire

Sattva Aspire is on Hennur Main Road in Bangalore, over 2 acres. A 3 BHK Flat ranges from 1832. 0 to 1845. 0 sq. ft. The price here ranges from Rs. 1. 30 Crores to 1. 38 Crores. There are 119 flats in this project over 3 towers.

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